Dare to dream again presents a remarkable journey through transparent real life experiences and explores thought provoking biblical concepts to overcoming challenges in the pursuit of your dreams. It will build you with the desire and commitment to "Dare to dream"...and to make the necessary moves in actualising your God given dreams. With his trademark warmth, wisdom and charm, this book will inspire you to stop procrastinating and revive the drive and passion to start flying to new heights in your life and dreams.




"Believers are not conceiving and birthing power, prosperity and all the promises of the word, because we have too many flesh ties that disallow Yada with God. Yada can no longer take place when we come before the presence of God, since there are no legitimate grounds for us to conceive after an exciting foreplay in His presence.”

Discover the secrets of offering a sweet smelling fragrance of worship to God, which will make your Christian life eventful and potent, and empower you to make a difference in your family and community.  



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